Sunday, August 14, 2016

Collaborative Care Learning Network

by Paul Uhlig

I have had the most delightful time over the past several weeks updating a list of people who may be interested in participating in the Collaborative Care Learning Network. I have been going through old emails and past meeting notes, remembering so many wonderful people - all with such a richness of ideas, varied and fascinating personalities, and shared passions for creating better care.

If you are receiving this email and haven't heard of the Collaborative Care Learning Network before, please know that your name has been tenderly harvested from these memories and past connections, and that you are warmly invited to participate in a growing, international community of people and places interested in learning together about collaborative care. If you already participate, wonderful!

Sometime in the next few weeks you will receive an email asking if you would like to participate in the email discussion forum of the Collaborative Care Learning Network.

I hope you will take a few minutes to browse through the website, view some videos about collaborative care, read some posts from the Tidbits Blog, and download helpful resources such as the Field Guide to Collaborative Care, which are available without cost on the website. You may want to learn more about or make plans to attend the Second Annual Meeting of the Collaborative Care Learning Network, which will happen February 23-25, 2017, in San Antonio, Texas.

Mostly, though, I hope you will decide to continue to be part of this discussion forum, and that you will feel welcome to contribute your experiences, curiosity, wisdom, and expertise with a growing group of people committed to sharing ideas and learning together about how health care can become even better through collaborative approaches. There is no cost, and no obligation to participate. Just select "yes" when the invitation email arrives, and your name will remain on the email list. If you know someone who might also be interested, please feel free to share a link with them, too.

And, if you would like to write personally to renew or deepen our friendship, I would welcome it!

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