Thursday, September 10, 2015

Preconference Tidbit #14 -- Trust

by Paul Uhlig

This final Tidbit prior to our meeting is about something precious – Trust.

Collaborative care happens in situations that are filled with vulnerabilities...for patients and families who are going through unprecedented stresses, and for professional care team members who must take down their professional guard and be authentically present as co-creators of care. Collaborative care requires everyone present to step forward into an emerging unknown together, despite their vulnerabilities. The interpersonal trust required for this can never be taken lightly.

Collaborative care can be trusted. Entered into with heart, belief, and thoughtful respect for others, the processes of collaborative care can be counted on to generate all the interpersonal trust that is needed for its success. Collaborative care can also be trusted to enable the emergence of answers to seemingly unsolvable problems, and creative options for care and healing, that, if faced alone, are difficult to achieve.

The more that a care team "believes" in collaborative care, the more it works.

Collaborative care can be trusted. Try it and you will see :)


See you tomorrow!! 

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