Saturday, September 5, 2015

Preconference Tidbit #9 - Lasting Connections

by Kana Kornsawad

Tonight's Tidbit is a short one. It introduces a series of several Tidbits about the connections that form during collaborative care.

Tonight's Tidbit is a note from Kana Korsawad about a patient she reconnected with recently. It is both happy and sad.

            Hi Everyone,

            I have some news to tell everyone. if you remember, during our pilot study in January there was a patient who was very sweet, and we talked about inviting her to the ACGME presentation and joining the patient committee group. She was working at the ENT clinic. 

            After she was discharged from the hospital I tried to reach her, but her cellphone was disconnected. Around May I tried again, but was still unable to contact her. I found out from Mike that she returned to the hospital in June and was admitted to another service for surgery. Mike was consulted for medical management. However, her hospital stay was complicated and she left the hospital with home hospice.

            Last week, Mike told me she was back in the hospital again for intractable pain. We went to see her in her room. It was such a big surprised when I stepped in to the room. I almost couldn't recognize her. She was very thin, lying in bed, and looked tired. She opened her eyes, and, the minute that she saw us her eyes lighted up and she smiled. I asked her if she still remembered me. She said, "Of course! How could I forget?"

            She started telling me the story of what happened after she left the hospital. She had to stop on and off due to shortness of breath. But I could tell that she was happy. 

            I went back the next day to visit her. One of the things she said was, "You all are a blessing in my life. I am so thankful to have you all taking care of me." 


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