Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weekly Tidbit #12 - "One of the Best Gifts"
by Kana Kornsawad

            Hi everyone,
            I was attending on the collaborative care team last month and I would like to share tidbit from San Antonio. 
            One of the patients told the team that the thing she loves to do if she is not sick is cooking Thai and Indian food. The next day during our collaborative care rounds the intern who was taking care of her told the patient that he has 2 gifts for her. One is, she is clear for droplet precautions, and the second gift was the best Indian recipe that she can try after she gets discharged from the hospital. She looked at everyone in the room and started tearing up. She said " Thank you for all of these, they are one of the best gifts." 
            "The Collaborative Care model helps to create a compassionate environment where the physician and patient can learn from each other."

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